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End-to-End Scheduling Automation

More and more health systems are turning to AI to solve business challenges and create value. Now, QueueDr is automating the filling and rescheduling of missed appointments to deliver a scalable, personalized, and productive AI Scheduling Experience across the entire health system. The only Autonomous AI Scheduling solution transforms revenue cycle management, patient access, operations, IT, and finance. QueueDr empowers health systems to provide a consumer-centric patient experience, streamlined call center operations, and achieve best-in-class physician utilization with a 100% autonomous experience.

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Every patient you see is unique — and so are the needs of your organization.
See how QueueDr fills missed appointments, reduces patient no-shows, and increases patient access. Automatically.

* Fill missed appointments 396x faster: based on study of 450 provider health system.
** 40x more last minute cancellations filled: based on study comparing performance of 400 providers.
*** 6% higher physician utilization: based on study YoY utilization comparison of 150 provider group
**** 71% improvement in patient wait time: based on average customer result of 17 day improvement in patient access vs. 24 day national average.
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