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patient scheduling

6 people who are hurting your medical organization

6 people who are hurting your medical organization

patient scheduling

COVID-19 has plummeted patient volume levels across medical organizations. Effectively managing gaps in your schedule was always the name of the game, but during a pandemic it’s increasingly important.  

There are six common patient types that are impacting your bottom line.  Let’s explore the scenarios and allow me to introduce… 

Cancelling Carol 

cancelled patients

Carol just realized she can’t make her appointment tomorrow! Work has a sudden happy hour she has to make an appearance at, so she calls your office to cancel.  Thanks for the heads up, Carol, now QueueDr can automatically fill your slot with someone else! 

Did you know? QueueDr fills 50% of cancelled appointments within four minutes of them being cancelled!

Virtual Vince


Vince has an in-person dermatology appointment but the office isn’t currently treating patients face-face because of COVID regulations.  Instead of calling Vince to reschedule, QueueDr can move the same appointment online. 

Did you know? 35% of patients willingly switched their appointment from in-office to virtual with QueueDr!

No-show Nancy

patient no shows

Nancy had an appointment with you but a few days ago another provider in a different network had an opening and she took it.  Fair, but she didn’t tell you so you missed out on revenue.  

Did you know?  Offering an appointment just three days earlier increases the likelihood of a patient showing up by 87%

Waitlisted Wendy

patient waitlist

Wendy is scheduled weeks in advance.  Make sure she doesn’t become a no-show Nancy and use QueueDr to get her in earlier.  

Did you know? The average patient gets in 17 days earlier thanks to QueueDr!

Bumped Bob

schedule bumps

Bob is scheduled to come in for care but the doctor had a family emergency.  Bob prefers his doctor over another so we can bump him for you.  

Did you know? Trust in the patient-provider relationship leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Balanced Ben

schedule balancing

Unlike Bob, Ben doesn’t care which provider he sees.  So if you have a provider that’s less busy, you can balance the schedule using QueueDr. 

Did you know? Overall physician burnout rate is 42% 

QueueDr has a suite of features to help you grow patient volume.  Which persona is holding you back and hurting your bottom line?