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A QueueDr Customer Success Story: Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group

**84 Providers**
**Springfield, Mass**
*Cancellations Filled Per Month:* 310
*Median Fill Time:* 5.4 minutes

QueueDr recently traveled to Springfield, MA to interview our customer Valley Medical Group in an interview that got a bit of press in [Physicians Practice](http://www.physicianspractice.com/technology/automating-appointments-satisfies-physicians-and-patients" target="_blank)! Valley Medical Group has been using QueueDr for over 1 year to fill their cancellations, so they seemed like a perfect customer to speak with. They did not disappoint! We got some great insight we wanted to share on the impact QueueDr has had on their processes, patient retention, and overall health practice revenue. We were happy to learn their average monthly filled cancellation was at 310!


[Valley Medical Group](http://www.vmgma.com/" target="_blank) is a large, multi-specialty physician group with 4 locations in Massachusetts. Overwhelmed with a myriad of tasks, staff would find it difficult to take the time and fill canceled appointments in real-time. They turned to QueueDr’s automated system to take over the burden and free up their staff!

“QueueDr really frees up my staff to focus on other tasks.
Our patients love the opportunity to get in earlier. I highly recommend QueueDr.”
Robin Torrey, Administrative Supervisor.

Watch the video above to hear first hand from Robin Torrey, Valley Medical Group’s Healthcare Administrative Supervisor on their experience with QueueDr. Not allowed to watch videos at work? Read an interview with Physicians Practice, QueueDr’s CEO Patrick Randolph, and Valley’s Healthcare Informatics Manager, Martha Mastroberti, on the benefits of streamlining practice operations with innovative technology. [Read full article](http://buff.ly/2r1QLnZ" target="_blank)

The QueueDr Team