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Growing up, when people asked me what I wanted to do, I never had an easy answer. It was because I wanted to build my own company. I knew that much. But I struggled to figure out what that company would do.

I had four ideas down on paper:

  1. Create the Amazon of 3d printing designs (once 3d printing materials progress, this one is still a great idea)
  2. Something to do with hats (I never said they were all good ideas)
  3. Waitlists for restaurants (see the tremendous work nowait did)
  4. Waitlists for doctors (spoiler alert)

The restaurant waitlist idea made a lot of business sense. It would solve a problem for restaurants and for customers. I could see how it would be successful, had a good business plan, and a great pricing strategy. There were very few risks or competitors. I just wasn’t passionate about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating, but restaurant operations just didn’t do it for me. I couldn’t imagine working on it for years.

Multiple generations of healthcare providers

The doctor’s waitlist idea came out of a problem my dad had. As a provider specialist, he was booked out months in advance and was still losing 20% of revenue from cancellations and no-shows. As a proud economics major, this seemed like an easy problem to solve (famous last words), it was a simple mismatch of supply and demand.

I had more passion for this idea and for the healthcare space but in a unique way. Early detection of disease and democratizing patient access are very important improvements to make. They can literally save lives.

“The opportunity to save lives absolutely impacted my thinking, but having grown up in a family of doctors and nurses, I was humbled into knowing that they were the real lifesavers.”

Passion for healthcare solutions

I grew up hearing my dad express excitement, then dismay at “going electronic”. He was always the earliest adopter (he adopted an EMR in 1997), but was always disappointed. His staff complained and he got further away from doing what he loved– caring for patients. His staff, who loved what they did, kept finding technological roadblocks in the way.

This became my passion. I wanted to find a way that my dad and his team could spend their days doing what they loved. If I could use technology to give them even 10 more minutes with a patient and 10 fewer minutes using tech, then I would have succeeded.

So while QueueDr does many things from growing physician utilization, streamlining operations, and improving patient access, my drive is giving your staff and doctors the one thing they can never get back, time. Time to live their dream and pursue their passion.


Patrick Randolph
CEO and Founder of QueueDr