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Using Zapier for startup efficiency

Zapier: Darn, I wish I built that Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash FiveThirtyEight, the famed analytics website, runs one of my favorite features at the end of each year called “Damn, We Wish We Had Written These Stories”. They highlight stories that others in the industry wrote that they wish they had written. With…(Read More)

reduce patient wait time

Great Patient Access is Vital to Dealing with COVID-19 Why does having great patient access matter? There are dozens of answers, but they are nice to have. Great patient access means better patient experience, lower hospital readmission rates, more efficient processes, and higher revenue. However, these are not life or death reasons for having…(Read More)


Patient Centric Healthcare 101 Buzzwords are a double edged sword. They can be good as short hand, encompassing in a few words what would normally take sentences. But, they can also be bad, creating misunderstanding between the haves (those who know what the buzzword means) and the have nots (those that aren’t sure what…(Read More)

reduce patient wait time

4 More Ways to Reduce Appointment Waiting Time We’ve written many times how the average patient waits 24 days for an appointment. In Philadelphia, the average wait for a dermatologist is 78 days! One of our most read blog posts catalogues four ways to reduce appointment lead times. With that in mind, here are…(Read More)