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reduce patient wait time

4 More Ways to Reduce Appointment Waiting Time We’ve written many times how the average patient waits 24 days for an appointment. In Philadelphia, the average wait for a dermatologist is 78 days! One of our most read blog posts catalogues four ways to reduce appointment lead times. With that in mind, here are…(Read More)

A Primer on wRVUs – Work Relative Value Units Intro to RVUs and wRVUs Relative Value Units or RVUs are an important concept in medical billing and revenue cycle management. RVUs help determine reimbursement rates for medicare and insurance. In addition, RVUs play a crucial role when evaluating new software. wRVUs or work RVUs is…(Read More)

Everything you need to know to make online patient scheduling work for you Patient Access + Online Scheduling Go Hand in Hand If you are a health system or medical practice who has invested in online patient scheduling, you may be slightly disappointed. Even though 80% of patients prefer a physician who has online patient…(Read More)

tips for choosing medical appointment scheduling software

Choosing the Best Patient Appointment Scheduling Software Medical appointment scheduling software is a significant investment for health systems and medical practices. Choosing the right one can improve patient access, save staff time, and grow physician revenue. We will walk through the key tenets to consider when selecting best in breed software. Security: HIPAA Compliant Medical…(Read More)

How to Keep Patients From Cancelling Appointments? QueueDr has spent more time thinking about cancelled appointments than anyone. We’ve literally written the book on patient cancellations which you can read here. Today we will condense our research on over 1 million appointments to answer two questions. First, how to keep patients from cancelling appointments…(Read More)

The Guide to Improving patient scheduling

The Guide to Improving Patient Scheduling Improving patient scheduling is the focus on every health system and medical practice. It’s a major part of addressing the rise of patient consumerism. Patients demand the same experience from their doctor they get from restaurants. If you don’t give it to them, someone else will. Why…(Read More)

Medical Scheduling Software 101 Breaking Down Medical Scheduling Lingo If you are looking at medical scheduling software for your health system, you are in the right place. This guide will help you better understand this confusing landscape. Specifically, we will focus on role of technical integration. After reading this guide, you will know the best…(Read More)

Three Brand New Features We have three brand new features designed to help your practice revenue optimize your schedule, while making QueueDr’s rules even more effective! I’ve been told I geek out too much about new features, so I’ll keep it short and tantalizing. Sign up for your account optimization call below…(Read More)

Washington DC is the nation’s capital and full of amazing sites. You probably know about the main ones, so we asked our DC employees to come up with five hidden gems that most visitors don’t know about. 1) QueueDr Booth #2001 at AMGA We are unveiling our brand new QueueDr booth (#2001) with…(Read More)