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Medical Scheduling Software 101 Breaking Down Medical Scheduling Lingo If you are looking at medical scheduling software for your health system, you are in the right place. This guide will help you better understand this confusing landscape. Specifically, we will focus on role of technical integration. After reading this guide, you will know the best…(Read More)

Three Brand New Features We have three brand new features designed to help your practice revenue optimize your schedule, while making QueueDr’s rules even more effective! I’ve been told I geek out too much about new features, so I’ll keep it short and tantalizing. Sign up for your account optimization call below…(Read More)

Washington DC is the nation’s capital and full of amazing sites. You probably know about the main ones, so we asked our DC employees to come up with five hidden gems that most visitors don’t know about. 1) QueueDr Booth #2001 at AMGA We are unveiling our brand new QueueDr booth (#2001) with…(Read More)

Texts play a big role in stopping patient no-shows

Three ways to stop patient no-shows and improve patient access. They say “all good things are worth the wait” except in the case of medical appointments. Long patient wait times can be both financially risky for you and clinically risky for your patients. In fact, shortening your patient wait times is the number one…(Read More)

Why Doctors Are Correct In Hating Their Healthcare Software Dr. Atul Gawane of Partners Healthcare in Boston, Mass wrote a phenomenal article on why doctors hate their healthcare software. It’s insightful, compelling, and depressing. On the bright side, for new entrants, there are many improvements that can be made. Here are our favorite three…(Read More)

How to Find and Implement Innovative Healthcare Technology Every executive of a large healthcare system wants to have innovative healthcare software. They want to do more than less. They want to use technology so their staff can focus on more important tasks. While there are many things holding them back, there is one refrain that…(Read More)

The Top Five Reasons To Consider Healthcare Schedule Management For Your Practice Budgeting is such a laborious, but important process. Where a healthcare organization prioritizes spending their money can determine success or failure for the next year. Over the past decade, healthcare organizations have dealt with government mandates around healthcare EHR software and have seen…(Read More)

Four Ways to Increase Medical Practice Revenue Medical practices and health system face obstacles with patient access and physician shortages so they need to be smart with how they manage their schedule. By correctly managing the schedule is the best way one can increase medical practice revenue. That’s why we focus on missed patient…(Read More)

Medical Office Staff Efficiency During our annual company retreat in beautiful Panama City Beach, we split the team up and had a pitch competition. It turned out to be a great lesson on how to improve medical office staff efficiency. The Prompt You are the administrator of a 10 provider medical practice who is not…(Read More)