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stethoscope and heart - physician and patient satisfaction

How Software Improves Patient Satisfaction

How is Software Improving Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare? Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone for success in healthcare organizations. Improving patient satisfaction is at the center…

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Improving Patient Experience

Patient Access and Patient Experience

Patient Access: Creating a Better Patient Experience In 2017, four in 10 individuals completed healthcare-related activities online. Over one-third accessed their provider online…

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QueueDr - Clock for reducing patient wait times in healthcare

Reduce Healthcare Wait Times

Surprising Ways to Reduce Healthcare Wait Times Did you know you wait on average of 24 days between the day you set up your appointment…

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How to Reduce Patient No Shows - Empty Chairs - QueueDr

How to Reduce Patient No-Shows

8 Easy Ways to Reduce Patient No-Shows in Your Office Patient no-shows are a consistent source of frustration for all healthcare providers. It…

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Better Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare

Better Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare

7 Amazing Tips for Better Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare Unused scheduling capacity is costing you more money than you think.  In fact, as of…

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Scheduling Software for Healthcare Best Practices

Scheduling Software for Healthcare Tips

4 Tips for Effectively Using Scheduling Software for Healthcare We have all been there in the past. It’s 12 pm, lunchtime. You don’t…

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