Navigating Healthcare in a Digital World

“Honestly, I really want a product where a patient can get a text from us…If my vet and hairdresser can do it, we can!” – Practice Manager Two Days ago.

Consumers have gravitated toward more real-time information and greater control of multiple functions from one place. Smart homes allow us to turn on lights, unlock doors, stream music, set timers, order food (or a ride), close the blinds or turn on the TV – all from our smart phone from anywhere in the world. As healthcare systems, why wouldn’t you use tools consumers are already using to foster greater patient access?

With 92% of Americans owning a cell phone, texting is one of the lowest barriers for entry to help healthcare systems engage more with patients and provide better patient access. From text reminders to rescheduling appointments via texts and replacing waitlists, the technology is there.