Five Reasons EHR Integrations Make Healthcare Scheduling Software Better

healthcare scheduling software customization

When it comes to healthcare scheduling software, the EHR is the foundation for a successful product. Like a great foundation, the EHR should be stable and easy to build on. Your EHR has (likely) hundreds of companies, like QueueDr, that integrate directly into their platform to make it easy for you to roll out medical appointment scheduling software to improve the patient experience, manage patient communication, process payments etc (the list is seriously long). So here is our list of the top five reasons integrating technology with your EHR can make healthcare software better.

5. Best in Breed Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Your EHR may be great but they cannot be the best at everything, so they have partnered with other companies to offer best-in-breed solutions. Allowing integration enables vendors to offer, for example, Epic clients appointment reminders. We are not the only ones, as a result, Epic customers get to choose amongst many medical appointment scheduling solutions competing for their business. 

4. Customization

Medical office scheduling is hard. Surgery scheduling needs are different than primary care. With EHR integrations, you have options to choose from multiple scheduling software solutions offering similar solutions to find the right product for you. Keep in mind this works in the inverse too, if your EHR is no longer working well for you – most of those vendors have other EHRs they integrate with so keeping the ancillary products and changing EHRs is a simple switch.

3. Real-time Healthcare Scheduling Software

Strong bi-directional integration allow for real-time data processing making the integration seamless for your staff and patients. No more uploading CSVs and managing multiple systems with time delays. This is especially important for automated appointment reminders. Automated appointment reminders turn patient no-shows into patient cancellations by being real-time. Patient cancellations can be filled by automated patient access solutions and smart waitlist management.

2. HIPAA Compliant Scheduling Software

You know the medical scheduling software you are selecting have been carefully vetted by your EHR. No EHR is going to share data with a partner that doesn’t meet the strictest security standards set by HIPAA. As a result, you can be more certain that you are getting HIPAA Compliant Scheduling Software than if a company is using a middleware like HL7. 

1. Full Healthcare Automation

Healthcare automation is the future of healthcare scheduling software. Without bi-directional integration, doctor appointment scheduling software create more work for your staff and sometimes patients.

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EHRs with Easy to Integrate with APIs

Are you wondering if your EHR allows for easy integration so that you have access to the best healthcare scheduling software? We’ve put together a list of the EHRs with API programs we’ve worked with and can vouch for. We will keep this list updated. Because QueueDr is a fully automated product, we are only able to work with EHRs with robust integration capabilities. Not all healthcare scheduling software use the API as much as us.


The Epic App Orchard program is a relatively new development, but a vital one. Epic is the EHR market leader, so this means integrated healthcare scheduling software can now reach the widest audience.


Athenahealth is used by over 120,000 providers for scheduling. Because all of those doctors are scheduling appointments in the cloud, athenahealth’s API is robust and stable. As a result, many athenahealth customers take advantage of the athenahealth marketplace.

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Greenway Health

Greenway Health marketplace is committed to bringing innovative technology to Prime Suite and Intergy customers, of which there are tens of thousands. The Greenway Health marketplace contains many top healthcare scheduling software solutions for doctors’ appointments.

Cerner, GE, drchrono, and Allscripts

Cerner Code initiative allows for healthcare scheduling software to integrate into Millenium with HIPAA compliant scheduling sofware. Drchrono’s app marketplace allows very quick installation of doctor appointment scheduling software with their single sign-on. Allscripts marketplace and open API help Allscripts Practice Management, Touchworks, and Pro customers access top notch medical appointment scheduling tools.

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Healthcare Scheduling Software Conclusion

Having an open EHR means having access to the best doctor appointment scheduling software. Make sure your health system studies your EHR’s marketplace and uses partner solutions. That’s the fastest way to HIPAA compliant scheduling software and automates repetitive tasks quickly.