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Five Things to Do While at AMGA

Washington DC is the nation’s capital and full of amazing sites. You probably know about the main ones, so we asked our DC employees to come up with five hidden gems that most visitors don’t know about.

1) QueueDr Booth #2001 at AMGA

We are unveiling our brand new QueueDr booth (#2001) with brand new footwear (yes footwear) for our inaugural AMGA! While you are there get your passport stamped by our team in green.

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2) Old Town Alexandria

One of the most beautiful walks you will have and it’s 5 minutes from Engage. As an added bonus, you will cross through 3 “states” on your 5 minute drive from Gaylord Hotel to Old Town. Walk down King Street and along the water towards Washington DC amongst gorgeous gardens.

Grab a coffee and a piece of pie (yes pie) at Killer ESP if you need a jolt.

3) Port City Brewery

Need something stronger? Hop in an Uber and head to Port City Brewery. One of the best breweries in the DMV area (DMV = DC, Maryland, Virginia), Port City Brewery is a great place to put up your feet and relax. Port City Brewery

4) Southeast DC

Tired of Virginia? Head for District Wineryin Southeast DC for lunch. This is a destination to point your Google Maps at, but you are going for the area itself. Walk along the water and see the rejuvenated area which has Washington Nationals Park and a beautiful on the water park.

Some folks prefer Georgetown, but this is an off the beaten path guide :). If you do head to Georgetown, you won’t regret it. Walk M Street and get a smoothie at South Block, you’ll thank me.

5) Roosevelt Island

Want to visit a sneaky place most locals don’t know exists? Head to Roosevelt Island for an hour hike. It’s a national park, smack dab in the middle of the Potomac River. Beautiful views with very few tourists.

The weather will be perfect. Enjoy AMGA 2019 and check out QueueDr at Booth 2001. You can book 1 on 1 time with us here.