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Patient Appointment Reminders Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

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How Patient Appointment Reminders Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 84.3% of American adults had contact with a health care professional this past year. The same is true for 93.6% of children in America. 

As the need for healthcare rises, patients and doctors need all the help they can get to maximize appointments. That includes finding ways to decrease waiting time and cancellations. 

One way to do just that is by using patient appointment reminders. It’s scheduling software that can make life easier and better for everyone. 

To help you understand why appointment scheduling software is so vital to your healthcare organization we’re sharing with you ways using patient appointment reminders is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry. 

Ways Patient Appointment Reminders Improve Healthcare

Help Save Money and Time

There are many reasons why patients fail to keep their appointments. Many times it’s because they simply forgot. Trust us we get it. It happens. But ultimately missed appointements hurt both the provider and the patient.

The provider’s staff then has to spend time to reschedule that patient, and it’s also a loss of revenue when there’s a no-show. $150 billion dollars get lost each year due to missed appointments

The patient loses out because they might incur a fee for missing that appointment. That means more money they have to spend on healthcare. The patient also misses out when a busy provider needs to reschedule their appointment. It’s more lost time because the patient has to find out when the doctor has another free slot that coordinates with their schedule.

And sometimes, a patient finds all of that too difficult and never goes to see their healthcare provider at all, which overall leads to worse patient outcomes. 

How Scheduling Software Saves Time

Using an automated appointment system means the doctor’s office doesn’t have to waste time making phone calls to confirm and/or remind people of their appointments. Instead, the system does it for them. 

You can even choose how close to the appointment you want to send a text message reminder. It also helps save time if there’s a waitlist to see the doctor. 

Best of all, if the patient can’t make it, it’s now much more convenient for them to be able to switch their appointment. 

How Scheduling Software Saves Money

A provider’s staff now has more time to focus on other important tasks, such as ensuring each patient pays in a timely manner.

There is no longer as big a loss in revenue since fewer people fail to show up for their appointment.

Builds Up Brand Loyalty

Competition can be good, especially if it forces providers to give better service to their patients. Scheduling software makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments. It’s no shock that ease in scheduling is often more important than proximity for patients. Patients are more likely to choose a provider whose schedule fits with theirs than a provider who is located geographically closer to them.

Offering an easy and smooth experience for customers is key to building brand loyalty. Keeping patients from switching providers is extremely important in building a successful healthcare organization. 

Using appointment scheduling software allows you to provide the best service for your patients. And it allows a you to begin building brand loyalty at first contact with a prospective patient. 

Patients love automated systems because it makes it easier for them to schedule an appointment. Their first impression now becomes a positive experience and contributes to overall patient satisfaction. Satisfied patients are then more likely to feel loyal to the provider and more likely to keep coming back. Not to mention they can leave positive referrals online and/or refer friends and family back to the provider.  

Improves Patient Care

Ask your staff how long they spend on the phone each day dealing with appointment setting and reminders. You’ll probably find out it’s a significant portion of the day. 

Now think about what other tasks those same staff members could be handling if they weren’t busy on the phone. Instead, they could focus solely on the patients who were at the office. 

Allowing more time for staff to spend with patients can dramatically improve the patient experience. They will walk away from your office feeling truly taken care of which will lead them to want to return to your office in the future. 

Increases Accessibility

Not everyone has great hearing. It can be difficult for those who are hard of hearing to understand a voice notification. 

And many Millenials don’t answer their phones nor do they listen to their voice mails anymore. Meanwhile, not all Baby Boomers or members of the Silent Generation have adapted to newer technology.

Now there are other options for maintaining communication with patients. And the best part is that the healthcare office can still stay HIPPA compliant thanks to secure and compliant patient messaging. 

Patients can now receive text message appointment notifications directly on their mobile device in addition to any emails or voice messages your office sends. With so many options, everyone can receive a patient reminder using their preferred method of communication. 

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