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rebuilding patient volume after covid-19

Playbook: Rebuilding Patient Volume after COVID-19

Playbook: Rebuilding Patient Volume after COVID-19

rebuilding patient volume for healthcare organizations after COVID-19
Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

The past 8 weeks, patient volume has dropped so low that healthcare
organizations across the nation have been forced to furlough
employees, change the way (and place) they provide care, and shift

As social and business restrictions are lifted, healthcare
organizations need to focus on getting your business back on
track. Right now the goal is to safely rebuild patient volume and bring your staff back to work.

“The average hospital will need to run at 110% of previous capacity for six months straight to recover this lost volume.”

Crowe study

QueueDr has created a three-phased approach to help you do just that! In our new playbook, “Rebuilding Patient Volume after COVID-19”, we cover:

  • Phased opening: best practices for rebuilding patient volume.
  • Patient appointments: how and when to reBook COVID-19 cancellations, manage the patient surge, and sustainably keep patient volume up. 
  • Operational efficiency: best practices on daily operations of running a safe office post-pandemic. Providing safety and peace of mind for staff and patients. 
  • Contingency planning: The importance of having a contingency plan should COVID-19 flare up. 

You can download the full playbook here.

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