The Old Way

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$82,000 Lost Annual Revenue
15% of Cancellations Filled
1 Hour of Staff Time Lost

The New Way

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$34,000 Additional Annual Revenue
50%+ of Cancellations Filled
0 Staff Time Required

How QueueDr Works

Your office staff will not have to lift a finger to use QueueDr.

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Cancel your appointment.

Integrated into your schedule, QueueDr identifies the cancellation and fills it.


QueueDr texts lucky patients on the schedule.

QueueDr identifies the patients booked far out in the future that will want this appointment. No waitlist needed.

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First responder gets the appointment.

QueueDr reschedules the patients old appointment into the earlier slot in your schedule. That's it!

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Customizations that handle the most complex schedules.

QueueDr allows you to customize everything at the appointment level with rules and intelligence that measure patient eligibility without your staff having to lift a finger.

Real-Time insight into your schedule.

QueueDr provides real-time reporting into our performance and how we are adding value for patients, admins, and providers.

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