“With QueueDr, our cancellations are now automatically filled so our schedule stays full without taking up any of our staff's time to do it.”

Carrie M. (Orthopaedic Associates of Port Hurton)

Imagine all your cancelled appointments, automatically filled without your staff having to do anything. Imagine it's seamlessly integrated into your EMR. Imagine your patients love it. You've imagined QueueDr.

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No Change To Your Workflow

QueueDr saves the average provider's staff 6-10 hours every week in unnecessary phone calls. We seamlessly integrate with the top EMRs so your staff never have to lift a finger. No downloads from patients either! When an office cancels an appointment, QueueDr automatically kicks into action to find the ideal patients to fill the appointment with. No buttons to push! No need to create a waitlist either, we got that.

Make Your Patients Smile

Patients skip a month wait with QueueDr just by replying to a text. QueueDr addresses one of the biggest patient complaints, long waits for appointments. We make sure you can get patients in sooner, also helping to cut no-show rates by 50%.

QueueDr fills the average cancelled appointment in less than 1 minute!

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See More Patients

Sorry to bury the lede, but using QueueDr means one more patient per provider... every day! Oh and those patients will be much happier, since they don't need to wait, something 20% of patients say is a deal breaker. You got into medicine to see patients, not to worry about technology and processes. Let us handle that, you’ve got enough to do.

Love Your Software

We know that providers and staff got into medicine to care for people, not the software. We hope that doesn't stop you from loving your experience with QueueDr. We aim to wow you at every opportunity with simplicity and a touch of design! That's why our customers say "it doesn't get better" than QueueDr.


Winner of Health 2.0 Code-a-thon

Winner of ADA 2014 Healthcare IT Software

Allscripts May 2015 App of the Month

2016 Most Innovative Workflow from Allscripts

Built For Every Sized Practice

Whether you are an individual practitioner or a 5,000 provider physician group, QueueDr can help you. We built the product to be customized down to the individual, but scaleable enough to change all of healthcare. QueueDr was initially designed for our Founder's father, an allergist who started his solo practice 29 years ago (and counting!). We even have special pricing for small practices.

Learn how QueueDr just works for your practice.


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