QueueDr Joins Epic App Orchard

QueueDr Joins the Epic App Orchard Marketplace

Epic App Orchard Profile

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — QueueDr, the creator of the only automated scheduling solutions for healthcare systems, announced today that is has joined the Epic App Orchard. Their award-winning solution can be found in Epic App Orchard Marketplace. This means that healthcare systems using Epic for scheduling can use QueueDr for patient reminders, filling cancellations, and rescheduling missed appointments without having to press a button.

Health systems across the country already utilize QueueDr to improve patient access, reduce patient no-shows, and fill cancelled appointments without staff work. In 2018, QueueDr customers helped patients shorten their appointment wait time by a combined 3,600 years while generating an additional $23 million in physician revenue. QueueDr fully automates the process for missed appointments saving front office staff valuable time by reducing call volume. In addition, QueueDr enables customization by visit type, provider, and Epic Department to make sure health systems have the configurations required for complex scheduling.

The Epic App Orchard developer program and marketplace help businesses like QueueDr integrate their products and services with their customer’s Epic scheduling software. The App Orchard provides developers with integration technologies, testing tools, design and technical support, training and networking opportunities, and a marketplace to showcase their products. As a contributor, QueueDr will utilize application programming interfaces (API’s) to get patients early appointments, send text appointment reminders, reduce patient no-shows, and reschedule any patient cancellations without Epic customers having to leave Epic.

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