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Showing support for front-line heroes; 6 simple ways

Showing support for front-line heroes; 6 simple ways

military heroes saluting healthcare heroes
Photo by Ross Stone on Unsplash

The Air Force Thunderbirds performed a flyover above Denver hospitals to support healthcare heroes and first responders on the frontlines. The Navy Blue Angels are doing the same, and the two will join efforts for a rare combined demonstration in some cities. This act shows gratitude and ways to give back during the chaos many in the healthcare field are facing.  While we can’t all be highly specialized pilots to perform a sky show that goes above and beyond (pun intended), there are many other ways to show support for those saving lives every day.  Here are 6: 

1. Stay home 

stay home save lives
Photo by Stephanie Martin on Unsplash

Health advisors still say remaining physically distant is helpful for them.  It decreases the chance of spreading the virus and keeps beds, safety supplies, and the patient-provider ratio at good numbers. Flattening the curve is one of the best ways to support our healthcare heroes.  Instead of flying high in the sky, you can remain in your home! Be a home hero.

2. Write a thank you 

thank a healthcare hero
Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

If you visit patient rooms when there isn’t a pandemic, you’ll see cards and balloons. We can do the same for the healthcare workers to brighten up their workspace and for some, temporary home space.  Many providers aren’t able to return home for fear of spreading the virus to their loved ones.  George Washington University opened up its apartments for those who couldn’t get home and included signage to say thanks! Hallmark is offering free cards so you can share gratitude!

3. Donate blood

donate blood to the red cross
Photo by Creators Collective on Unsplash

When our team was brainstorming how we could help, giving blood was one of the first on the list.  We are always a fully remote team and we live in different regions, but we found one commonality: appointments are being made two weeks into the future. You can look for your area centers here.

4. Buy local food 

food delivery to hospitals
Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

Many restaurants and shops are donating food and coffee to healthcare workers.  We can do the same and send over delivery from our favorite local spots.  This one actually helps support not only our healthcare heroes but also our small businesses! Thrillist put together a list of chains and local places with deals. 

5. Be nice after COVID-19

covid19 message
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Sometimes it takes a crisis or national disaster to bring people together.  Let’s remember when this is over that we should always be kind to one another and help out.  Seeing communities come together to serve food and support one another to get through a difficult time is welcomed, but we can continue to do the little things once we rebuild our communities. 

6. Rebook your appointments

patient scheduling after coronavirus
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

A California emergency doctor pleaded with patients to come into the ER when they are experiencing immediate needs.  The provider noted that some patients were afraid of coming into hospitals and putting it off despite facing serious issues.  His hospital is seeing little coronavirus cases.  Every region is different and their rebuild times will vary, but as states remove restrictions, you’ll want to plan on rescheduling your routine checkups and preventative care.  Providers are balancing the current crisis and plans to rebuild. Stay in communication with them!

we are in this together: covid19
Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

Just as not everyone can fly a plane, some people cannot donate blood, and some do not have the capacity to pay for food, but there are things we can all do: continue to be thoughtful, share this list of ideas to those who might be able to help, and contribute more suggestions! We are all in this together.