The Best Way To Stop Patient No-Shows

They say “all good things are worth the wait” but in healthcare, we disagree. Long patient wait times can be both financially risky for you and clinically risky for your patients.

Earlier this year, athenahealth performed an analysis of over 4.2 million appointments and found a direct correlation between patient wait times and appointment cancellation rates.

Here are two favorite quotes from a great study by athenahealth that shows that the best way to stop patient no-shows to get patients appointments now.

“An analysis of 4.2 million appointments scheduled in 2016 by 13,000 providers found that shorter appointment lead times can be critical to getting new patients in the door.”

“On average, a new patient who waits more than a month for a first appointment is more than twice as likely to cancel and not reschedule as a new patient who is scheduled within a week.”

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