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Dr. Jonathon Ornstil


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“Since we began using the QueueDr program, we have had a 50% drop in our no-show rate! This helps keep our providers’ schedules full and definitely improves our bottom line.” - Matthew Woolston, CEO of Wyoming Neurology

How QueueDr Benefits the Average Practice

+1 Appointment Every Day

10-20% Growth In Practice Revenue

Save 6-10 hrs/wk of Staff Time

Only 5 mins To Setup


QueueDr Case Studies


“As an orthopedic practice we see a very high volume of patients so we don’t always have the time or resources to fill cancellations. With QueueDr, our cancellations are now automatically filled so our schedule stays full without taking up any of our staff's time to do it.”

— Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron

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Bighorn Family Dental has amazingly high patient ratings because of their high level of care. They wanted to further improve their patient experience and solve their cancellation problem, so they turned to QueueDr. "We save a minimum of 5 hours per week. We sometimes see up to 60 patients, so this saves a ton of time compared to calling everyone!"

— Lori, Practice Manager of Bighorn Family


Sanova Dermatology is a very successful dermatology practice with 3 providers. But, like all dermatology practices, their staff was swamped with cancellations and long patient waits so they turned to QueueDr. “This ingenious software works in the background to not only keep the Providers schedules full, but also receives constant praise from patients who utilize the service to better fit their schedules.”

— Sanova Dermatology

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