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The Misspellings of QueueDr

I will never forget the first office I walked into to sell QueueDr.

Decked out in a tie and vest, nervous as hell, I approached the admins at the front desk. I introduced QueueDr and began my pitch, they hung on my every word. I was on fire! We had done it! We had invented the next Google.

Half way through the pitch one of the admins let an "OHHHHHH!"

I paused. "Yes?"

Embarrassed she said, "QueueDr?"

I replied. "Yes?"

"I thought you said Cute Doctor!"

I honestly thought about pivoting the company right there and creating a dating site for doctors ;). The story came to me recently and reminded me of all the times that people had gotten confused or misspelled our name. As a break from heavy optimization reading, I thought I’d share them with you. Without further adieu, the misspellings of QueueDr

Queue Dr
QueDr (it’s ok, Americans don’t use the word queue as much as the Brits)
Cuedr (a billards repair company?)
Moo Doctor (All cows, all the time!)
Dr Queue (this is the most common)
Doctor q
Boot doctor (To be fair, phone connections are not the best)
Doctor Queue
Doctor Que
Groot doctor (this never happened, but it’s a great excuse for a gif)

I am Doctor Groot

So now you know. We’re not only healthcare IT geeks, we are also grammar geeks!