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QueueDr integration with Allscripts

The Moment That Changed QueueDr

The Moment That Changed QueueDr

QueueDr at code-a-thon product launch with Allscripts
Part of the QueueDr team at the Allscripts code-a-thon

“Ok, just to be clear, there is no way we can put a button in the schedule for QueueDr?”

I was at the Allscripts code-a-thon with complete strangers a year and a half into my QueueDr journey. It was a Friday evening. I was only there because a startup buddy forced me to go, and he told me there would be free food. Now Allscripts was telling me that I couldn’t even put my waitlist product into their Practice Management System?!

I raised seed funding from friends and LaunchPad Digital Health and spent the last 18 months going door-to-door selling the waitlist product I designed for my father’s office. I was at an inflection point. Our usage stats were incredible. The product filled 90% of cancelled appointments and got patients in weeks earlier. Users were giving us rave reviews and referrals. There was one major problem that I knew I needed to solve, usage. 

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Startups dedicate entire parts of their company to making sure that once a customer buys the product, they use the product. This is especially important with SaaS products like QueueDr.  If the customer doesn’t use the product, they are much more likely to cancel their contract and stop paying for it. Not having customers paying for your product is the reason startups go out of business. ?

The usage of our waitlist product was 10% and I couldn’t get it higher. I spent hours sitting next to schedulers adding patients to the waitlist. It didn’t seem to be tied to the product’s success since customers with great results had inconsistent usage while still needing the product. 

I was ready to pack it in. This code-a-thon was my last-ditch effort. If I could figure out a way to integrate into an EMR then it would be easier for users to find QueueDr and use it. Now, I was being told that I couldn’t do that at all.

I hung my head and trudged back to my code-a-thon team, which consisted of two great engineers I’d met an hour before. I’d sold them on the vision of integrating the QueueDr waitlist product into Allscripts. Now, it wasn’t possible…

“Sorry guys, Allscripts says we can’t put a button in the front end of their Practice Management System,” I said as I waited for their disappointment to sink in.

“No worries man, we’ll just make it run in the background, without buttons.”

With that line, John changed the course of QueueDr. He became our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder driving our platform to embrace automation. We won the code-a-thon, signed a great partnership with Allscripts, and years later work with some of the top health systems in the country. All because, it turns out, of a misunderstanding. See, a button could’ve gone in the front end, we were just told the wrong information. Lucky for small miracles! ?