The Top Five Reasons To Consider Healthcare Schedule Management For Your Practice

The Top Five Reasons To Consider Healthcare Schedule Management For Your Practice

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Budgeting is such a laborious, but important process. Where a healthcare organization prioritizes spending their money can determine success or failure for the next year. Over the past decade, healthcare organizations have dealt with government mandates around healthcare EHR software and have seen the advent of new technology emerge – from medical appointment reminders to online scheduling to the latest, Healthcare Schedule Management. It’s hard to keep up, that’s why we put this together.

Here are the top five reasons Healthcare Schedule Management needs to make your budget.

Reduces Unrealized Patient Revenue

You want to ensure that your patients keep their appointments. If a patient cancels their appointment and leaves open time, there is no revenue collected for that available patient appointment. Healthcare systems lose $150 Billion annually in unrealized revenue because poorly managed schedules.

Reduce Patient No-Shows by 50%

By offering earlier appointments to patients, you are getting the patients who are most likely to no-show off the schedule and into the office. Many practices have reported 50% decreases in patient no-shows because of healthcare schedule management. More patients showing up means higher revenue for next year’s budget.

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Boost Patient Access: Shorten Patient Wait Time by Three Weeks

Appointment wait time the number one patient complaint. In addition, studies show a new patient who waits more than a month for a first appointment is more than twice as likely to cancel and not reschedule as a new patient who is scheduled within a week. OnDemand Schedule management will reduce patient wait-time by 3 weeks, on average.

Patients Demand Healthcare Schedule Management

Like it or not, we live in a consumer-driven healthcare environment and patients expect the same modern conveniences from you as they are getting from other businesses. That means online patient scheduling software, text appointment reminders, and waitlist management. If you don’t give those conveniences to them, your competitors might.

Free Up Staff Budgeting

Providing top patient access is vital for a successful healthcare organization, but how to do it without budgeting more money for schedulers? OnDemand Healthcare Schedule Management mixed with automation is the answer. By adopting OnDemand Schedule Management you save money that would’ve been spent on schedulers, that can now be allocated to other projects. Everyone wins!

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