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Using Zapier for startup efficiency

Zapier: Darn, I wish I built that

Zapier: Darn, I wish I built that

Using Zapier for startup efficiency
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

FiveThirtyEight, the famed analytics website, runs one of my favorite features at the end of each year called “Damn, We Wish We Had Written These Stories”. They highlight stories that others in the industry wrote that they wish they had written. With that in mind, I wanted to write a post on Zapier, a product I wish I had built. For those of you who don’t know what Zapier is, get ready to have your mind blown! Zapier is a platform that allows ordinary people to build automations (or zaps) between the tools they use every day. Below I will highlight how I use Zapier to make my life easier.  I hope you find these useful and inspiring!

Blog Distribution

Zapier and WordPress blog distribution automation

This is a mac daddy of a Zap with 19 steps. Early on, QueueDr did not have a marketing team, but we wanted to make sure we distributed content on all our social channels. We also wanted to make sure that we released content more than once and over a 1 month period. This Zap pushes our blog posts to all the social media channels multiple times. The delays you see instructs Zapier to wait a week before repeating the next actions. That’s how we replicate the activity over a month without pushing out all of our blogs at the same time!

Relevant Blog Posts

Zapier and WordPress and Google Sheets sync

It can be difficult for everyone on the team to keep up with all the content QueueDr puts out. Having a centralized area where the entire team can see all of our blog posts, in order, and a brief description of each is very valuable. With Zapier, every time we publish a new blog or guide, it is put in a Google Spreadsheet for the whole team. It seems simple, but goes a long way in keeping the team connected in real-time!

Bonus: We have another Zap that we use that automatically pulls the latest blog post and sends it as part of an appointment reminder for demos. This assures that both our team and audience are getting the most up-to-date content. 

New Leads and Tickets Notifications

Zapier and Slack automation

The best automations are the simplest. This Zap alerts our Customer Happiness team when a support ticket is filed. It allows us to be on top of everything immediately. It’s part of the reason why 90+% of tickets filed to QueueDr are solved within one hour (the other reason is that our Customer Happiness team consists of amazing people)!

Bonus: We have another Zap that saves any support ticket to a customer’s account with us so that we have a centralized location for all customer communications.

Finding Relevant Case Studies

Zapier and Copper automation for sales

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is, “Who do you have that is similar to our practice using QueueDr?” To make it easy on our sales team, we created a Zap that does the job for us. The Zap scans a spreadsheet of client data to identify the customer who is most like the prospect. It then reports this connection in our CRM. That way, when a customer asks the question, we have an answer ready right away!

Team Accolades

Zapier notification for sales demo
The Zap that appears when a sales person books a demo

When someone on your team does something good, if no one knows about it, does it matter? At QueueDr, we put effort into making sure that everyone knows about the awesome work each team or individual contributes. We have a Slack channel called #Shoutouts where QueueDr employees shoutout good deeds done by others.

Using Zapier, we’ve created multiple Zaps that send out notifications to the whole team when we succeed. For example, when a deal is closed, a customer sets a record, or when a demo is booked, the whole team knows about it. In a startup, everyone is acutely aware of failures, but we need to be more acutely aware of success. 

The Benefits of Automation

At QueueDr, we practice what we preach. We don’t just push automation, we live it. Zapier lets us automate our communications and notifications process so we can spend time developing products and supporting our customers.  Just like our automation tools allow providers to get back to patient care and leave the scheduling to us. Zapier allows a startup like us to produce like a Fortune 500 company.